A Date at Vinya Table 

In Which we Sample the Drink and Food at Vinya Table, a New Spot on Miracle Mile 

There’s no place quite like the table. It’s a place of friendship, intimacy, and sharing. It’s where business deals are done, where love blossoms over a glass of wine, and where families come together to eat a meal. At Vinya Table, it’s the best place for “sharing the pure joy of food and wine,” according to their mission statement. 

Wine is Vinya’s specialty (“vinum” is Latin for wine) and you can buy all the bottles your heart desires there; Vinya’s selection is extensive and delicious. But it was cocktails and food that we shared at our table, where I first ordered a surprisingly sweet strawberry margarita with Olmeca Plata tequila ($13)  that was just strong enough to lend me some first date fortitude. I encouraged my date to try Vinya’s adult spin on a childhood favorite, the Tequila “Creamsicle” ($16), which he described as “the perfect way to start a fun Friday night.” It must have been strong… it was already Saturday. 

Vinya Table 
Interior in Warm Tones
Vinya Table Roasted Half chicken
Roasted Half Chicken

He also tried the Chin-Chin Tonic, which came, not in a Collins but rather in a Bordeaux glass, filled with floating accouterments like parsley leaves and, apparently, a strong portion of dill. His comment: “The combination of the pine taste of the gin and the dill made me feel like I was drinking a boreal forest.” We both capped off the night with the Small House Champagne by Pierre Cellier ($20), adding a truffle salt rim for five extra dollars. As someone who downs champagne only at New Year’s, I was delighted by the slightly overpowering taste of the truffle salt. My date, who might secretly fancy himself an amateur sommelier, was not. It is with the utmost disappointment that I cannot review the lamb baklava, a house favorite already sold out by the time we arrived. However, the roasted half chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes was worth the $21 price tag — flavorful and far from dry. The winner of the night, however, was the lobster thermidor fondue ($40), dripping in an opulent gruyère-cognac sauce that my date joked he would inject directly into his body through IV, if possible. The smoked burrata ($20) was good but not very smoky (despite the smoke- under-glass presentation), while the charcuterie board was phenomenal; we recommend the Delice Bourgogne Triple Crème and the 2-year aged Prosciutto San Daniele. 

Vinya Table  drinks
Strawberry Margarita
Chin-Chin Tonic

Besides the strawberry margarita, the best thing about Vinya Table is the atmosphere. Tucked away in one of those tiny Miracle Mile storefronts, sandwiched between Snow’s Jewelers and Fratellino, Vinya is surprisingly spacious inside, with a long, if somewhat narrow dining area and a peekaboo shelf that allows diners to smell, if not see, the kitchen. The former pop-up is a welcome permanent addition to Miracle Mile and to those Gableites who may also fancy themselves amateur sommeliers. It’s well-lit, romantic, and comfortable — the perfect spot to impress a first date. Just get there early if you want a taste of the lamb baklava. 

Vinya Table

266 Miracle Mile 305.203.4229