Coral Gables Magazine’s 6th Anniversary

This April marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of Coral Gables Magazine. From the start, we have endeavored to bring you, our readers, a comprehensive, intelligent look at your city and all its wonderfulness: the dining, the culture, the nightlife, the politics, the businesses, the history, the homes — that stunning quilt of people, places, and ideas that comprise the City Beautiful. We here at the magazine are, of course, unabashed fans of Coral Gables, clearly the most exceptional city in Florida, let alone Miami-Dade County.

The metrics of a highly educated citizenry, a preserved architectural environment, a fastidiously maintained canopy, and a moveable feast of dining, theater, music, and shopping make us an unbeatable place to live, work, and play. As humble patriots of the Gables, we thank you for the privilege of coming into your homes each month to shed some light on your city.

So, here are the covers of our first six years, a visual march down memory lane. Some of them we love, others not as much. What we would love is for you, our readers, to tell us your favorite covers, the very best — and the ones you thought were the worst. Send your suggestions to We’ll publish the results in our June issue. We’ll also hold a raffle drawing of all entries, and award three prizes — to be announced during our Gables Scavenger Hunt on May 18 (view event details at the bottom).

6th Anniversary
6th Anniversary

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6th Anniversary