Three Must-Have, “Touchless” Appliances

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery Transports Your Home to the Future

All of this time spent at home is evoking a constant dialogue about how we can improve our homes and the areas that we frequent most. Here are three “touchless” appliances, all available at Coral Gables’ Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, that we think would take your kitchen and bathroom to the next level. 

Chef’s Choice

A pioneer of at-home steam cooking, Gaggenau is known for its luxury appliances that make (almost) anyone feel like a master chef. The company recently introduced its Next Generation Combi-steam Oven with Home Connect technology. It features a dynamic app-driven mechanism that allows for a variety of functions including pre-heating the oven from outside of the home and selecting recipes. Retail: from $9,699. 

Hands-Free Appliances

Chic Sink

Marrying sophisticated design with resource-saving technology, Kohler’s Artifacts faucet presents a novel take on the kitchen tap. Controlled by a sensor that is triggered by motion, the faucet employs several settings including BerrySoft, which keeps bruise-prone fruits and vegetables safe from otherwise mighty water sprays. Retail: from $700. 

Hands-Free Appliances

Synchronized Shower

The U by Moen Smart Shower offers a degree of innovation that you didn’t know you needed (until now). With mobile connectivity and total personalization, the shower can be controlled via voice activation or a smartphone app. Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, consumers can create specific presets such as “My Morning Shower,” with exact temperatures and accompanying ambient lighting. Retail: from $1,276. 

Hands-Free Appliances